The gates never opened for anyone, but the delivery boys

Groceries and fruits suddenly seemed to be not so available

The state fed the helpless and heard their pleading voice

In the “HEIGHTS RISING” all were striving to be humble.


Children bored with English, Yoga and other lessons online

Missed their cousins, the get togethers, busy malls and 7D movies

Snacks made at home, no dream of Pizza Hut visit to dine

What a loss! No picnics ! but a citizen cannot give up his duties.


While some women shared on Facebook; their school photos with new friends

Files and folders piled up for some; as their babies sat on potty, their phones rang.

A nurse’s mom called her on video, prayed for those in the isolation wards

Sharing news fake or not, hoping the markets to boom before the profits sank.


They only had a parrot for company, in a silver painted cage

Not possible to use the lift, no strength to spend on stairs, climbing.

Days remained the same; oats, fruits and medicines for their old age

The tall man brought in provisions, to help he was always willing.


Alone, tired of himself, closed in the room he was worried

Courage was elusive, especially when he needed it every minute

Was there a cough, that came with him along the borders he had crossed?

To keep everyone else safe he chose a long, lonely and scary wait.


The gym and the swimming pool lay idle, untouched, in wait

The beautiful and the strong seemed not to worry about their BMI

When the deadly virus might be hiding to get you by a bait

Then everyone has to stay indoors with a watchful eye.


Streets seemed unfamiliar, life uncertain as her purse grew thin

News not very reassuring, yet there showed some light in the darkness

Daily wages of a woman who ironed is not there now to feed her kin

Misfortune, a curse, travelled around he world, had not made a small mess.


Only a light up there in a corner, on the right side of the western block

Somewhere on the eleventh floor, where an artist might have been painting, is on

He kept looking at it, and kept guard all night, the land had put on itself a lock

It gave him strength for his duty, earn for his home, with the stars that shone.


What else can save the people, now in all nations of this ailing world

But personal hygiene and social distancing to be kept by all, strict

Human race now subdued by the deadly outbreak of disease covid

There is no room for arguments, only a short time for any rescuing act.



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