Elusive Courage


That noise irritates my stolen peace

Tide retreating revealing the thirst of rocks

Epics remain silent but not unaware

Devouring the sounds of aching hearts

Soft voice surrounds me as I pull me back

Vision now meets the plain blue horizon.

Courage it cannot be called; valour never

To access a sword to divide one’s heart

I will do it or perhaps hope I will not be called to do it

Decisions are hard, when lost remains your trust in you

compliments and nice words have no meanings for me

I turn away from wonderful descriptions about myself

But why many tasks for me? let me sleep and dream

Away sends me huddled in my arms, a shivering me

My scary thoughts, without a chance to turn back

Choice of each step worries me, nothing hides my despair

Bitter thoughts of failure, sinking down deep with no reclaim

Judge not by the shadows they turn long and short

Sometimes it zooms, but the sun alone can show it

Pure heart only trembles as it is light as a leaf.

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