Does your road lead you to great heights?

Using lot of money to make a    good suit ! you must be mad.! It fades  or tears one day. Sit down answer  my question.!

Why are you longing to hold      on to your worldly possessions? Hurrying after fat cash is like chasing huge clouds. One day they will float on winds.

Sickening is your desire to change your skin complexion. Soften your heart and render it bright with colours of love and hope.

Everyone wants perfect lives, especially in the eyes of the onlooker. Futile are the efforts to pretend as someone who is   not   your true self.

Someone may rush ahead of you ,  jump high enough to get the grapes   no matter how sour they taste. We try to  find our treasure following another person’s map.  But  we tend  to fit our  feet  in someone’s shoes.

Every day forecasts of future will be made ,sure to get poor you try upon waters un-waded , in hope of  finding the golden axe.   To trust your luck  more than your work but ruins your confidence.

Gone are the days when man   controlled others with love. Now it is the turn of jealousy  ,greed and competition.

Turn a  red nose towards the people who want entire jubilation toasted on them.

Share . Tell the world that you want to make more  people happy. You enter the  state of  shining true self when the self is not entering thoughts of acquiring anything   but wisdom.  Go ahead  to change the lives of those who find no way forward.

Nothing in this world can hide the real you from the eyes of     others for long.  Real you struggle to get   out of the ill fitting costume that is trying   to cover up the original  you.  Remember   you cannot change the one   and only true you.

Accept who you are.  Love who you are . Live who you are.

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