Sherin Mary Zacharia

My eyes search nonstop

when the light around me goes off

when the sun goes down

but the stars fail to show up.

I walk forward with this

little lantern in my hand, glowing.

My eyes search around

again and again, but in vain.

Who was that

trying to blow off of the light

that shows the way to the feet

those had marched together to triumph

in times of nothingness and adversity?

Why was the flame

not allowed to blaze

in hope and unity

for they who longed and strived

for the prosperity of their lives?

Who is switching off the light

at the time to remember

the brave hearts who stood firm

in front of many challenges

emerging within and without ?

When did the fire die down

leaving the moon

covered in darknessof the clouds

filled withhopelessness, trustlessness

and lovelessness?

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