Story of land and sea

published in an anthology of poems about sea by Soul Scribers Society and Rhyvers Press

Breathing becomes hard, water murky

Gills choked by masked impurity

Water was not so salty

Life not so difficult

Breeding was safe among the mangrove roots.

Golden shore, sea pristine, silent

Cyclones sleeping, not swirled.

People come, watch the Sun set in waters west

Mornings hazy, hyacinths bloom gloomy.

Cranes hesitate to unfold their long legs

On the floating islands of plastic bottles and bags.

Canoes lurk hungry along thin waters

Near multi-storeyed invasions.

Chinese nets and cormorants rise empty bellied

The laws of the sea creeps and then climbs

On to the guilt covered shore.

There many homes thrive with

 the abundance of lives in shells and scales,

some wriggly claws and tentacles.

Risking their selves atop the wavy moods

Of the mother of all lives.

Ships pursued luck as the waves took them afar

Ghosts of shipwrecks, albatross tales, blood thirsty sharks

Stories travelled from sea to land.

But the land rested its, in secret pages.

Wind carried some news unpleasant

Waves roared, tides rose more and more

Angry, the sea stepped on, sinking the shore

Came inside man’s door after door.

The story of land made the sea rush to crush

Turbulent tides threw the moaning lives around, helpless

The land and the sea no longer trusted each other, hopeless.

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