Spiny veins of discord

finds a wet wall

clings and climbs.

nerves sense each other, meet

along cracks and crevices

openings that would never joint

wide for the roots to delve in deep

spreading tight grip

winding left and right

claiming the bricks

to resonate with them.

Weather that nurtures them

in the way they should grow

wind caresses the thorny leaves

that spill blood on the buds

they turn red.

The Sun wanted to throw some light

on the shadows dark, scary

of sharp teeth, claws, pointed nails,

poisonous fangs all of untruth;

from behind thick clouds.

Time is for unseen scenes on the wall

playing the scripts of fear and mistrust.

May be sometime can let in

the rays of hope, expectations

from the tiny glittering stars

peeping out while the clouds move

to subdue the agitated minds.

Sometimes may leave the blossoms open.

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