Dark Fantasy

It means much to me to be like you, with your appetite

The way you have gravies, spicy roasts in delight

When I am upset you rush for a song, your gene I’ve inherited

 My excuses you never mind, you see that I am not defeated.

Each time; on my arm the nurse pokes a needle through

I see my pain on your face, in my relief, my trust is  you

No one as kind as you to all, but these behind me in priority

Meetings, targets you are busy, your time for me you give majority

I know you are always there for me when I cry like crazy

In the cupboard you have kept my share of ’Dark Fantasy’.

Randomly you visit the ‘Best Bakery’s in town

Otherwise, you have bought a big watermelon

Sometimes the pouch is only medicines for me

Everything you give me is the best and a ‘Dark Fantasy’

*Dark  Fantasy -a chocolate filled biscuit

** Best bakery – a popular bakery chain in Kerala

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