What I am…


Why do you stare at me?
What makes you think I am odd?
My words are what I speak from my heart.
Why should I follow your rules to think?
My words make my world a free world
Where thoughts grow like green grass
And fly high like birds never ever caged.

My face washed with winds eyes filled with stars
I fear not what others think.
I care not how others feel.
I walk straight following my dreams
To get them , just a foot fall away.


Fragrance of roses

Unstoppable my tears flow

My grief rains what can gauge it?

When my sobs sink my heart

Nesting in my wails is not hope.

When soaked, my cheeks may smell

Of the depressing thoughts overpowering my mind.

The fingers that wipe my tears

And soothe my withering heart

Alone would sense my cheeks turn pink

Emanating fragrance of roses.



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