thriving plastic in our lives

we use so  much plastic daily that simply we      cannot  live with out it everybody throws waste in plastic bags this in turn pollutes                       our environment our people would  litter rivers and lakes which would kill water   life. educating school students on this  is  necessary.

our gentle birds get badly hurt  by flying kites .plastic bags containing food and waste will attract stray dogs .urgent measures should be taken to prevent        bags  of waste from littering every open    space.  just doing your shopping with it does only good.we should not  put waste in it making it dangerous


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  1. So true! Not just the dogs and birds but cows, goats and other domestic animals too fall victim to our plastic wastes(you will notice this when you go a little away from the city). Its time that we acted promptly and actively to avert further harm. I am happy to read your blogs. I can see your concern for nature and like the flow of your altruistic thoughts.

    I wanted to share with you some different ventures on converting wastes to resources –

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