caged pets rescuer

lovelysweetypussiasome         people keep              pets  in cages to enjoy watching them. rising population  leaves people with much less place to have      pets.   without pets        our                      world   would not                       know about   innocent love. pets love  t to play very much.however we lock pets  in     cages. they are not allowed to follow their heart .every child likes                 to play  with       pets but not every child should keep a  pet in a cage you can keep a quite   abandoned animal  as your can give it a  nice new name and some  food in Trivandrum we played with a street dog whom we named Lovely Sweetie.she was very cute. we     evoke  culling of     street   animals by not providing  them love   and care.without it animals turn aggressive.

any child can play with and feed animals if  there   are pet farms to keep homeless animals





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  1. Liked the caption “Caged Pets Rescuer”. The bonding & relationship that develops when you have pets at home is unique. Pet farms would definitely do good for homeless animals and that’s a good idea.

    Watching their relationships and their lifestyle has been a source of inspiration for me at times. Those who have pets out of love for the animal/bird don’t cage them. Truly like your thoughts!

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