The painter

About the migrant labourer who paints the apartments

photograph by Shreya Susan Zacharia


The view, real from top did not scare him

The wind strong shook only his dry brown hair

When a vacant seat beckoned, he doubted his destiny

Everything was fine, hanging by the rope to paint.

A job, an income, which made beautiful all walls

A smile, a hope in a small house distant to reach

Doors assured to open, trains set to hoot, time runs.

A virus cannot turn upside his dreams, he is sure

He worked in the sun and in rain, set to serve his Co.

A decision to hang on to the thick rope from heaven

Kindness and care all around, he kept his word to be safe

When his brothers marched towards their ends tragic

He held on and painted his life’s colours, in increasing faith

Cyclone Amphen was spiralling homewards, killer winds rise

His folks may soon need money, trouble seems to double

He held tight to the long brush as he painted

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