Mother   Goddess

Her countenance radiates energy, breath resolute

She binds her dear one in her heart, wraps with her arms

She fills to the brim, under an instinct unexplained

The anxious mind with soothing care, crisps, sauce added.

Only she can protect with seething fury

Protest to the world that lacks any empathy

Eyes open still in the night, her mind guards, plans next

Fast, she walks up mountains, learns, makes the mute a poet.

Growing for me in love; her mission, toils for all

Blossoms line the path uncured, to the sanctum sanctorum

Where anything is possible, for the will unsubmissive.

She seldom turns trifle mags; webinars beckon her with lessons.

Mundane promises fail to convince her, she seeks weapons of trust

Severing the head of trivial desires, she rides the tiger of challenges.

She is the one, the Mother Goddess, every day marks her victory

She is every mother, every special child’s mother.


 Myself, I Know

My mind wants to fly -over the seas and above the hills

To see gardens and windblown meadows crafted in ink

I am a girl with dreams and a song, a song in my heart

My strength, the fort my poems form, to shelter me

My mind, a fluttering bamboo leaf, slender but abrasive

A breeze caresses gently, but can it withstand a storm?

Words drip in the chaos of my thoughts, in their pile I hide, sleep long

Verses grow wings, fly around me and wake me up.

Out into the bright blue sky, I make my way

Like a flock taking the shape of a dart

Words shoot from my pen, taking me to the horizon.

They give me the power to know my own self and

Tell the world aloud; that I hear the rivers,

The murmur of every leaf, the rumbling of rocks

As I move ahead in the colourful world of words

Armed with trust in myself and the poems from my soul.

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