Real  ME

When  I look in the water in a puddle

I see myself

Covered with mud and dirt.

When i look in a mirror

I find myself

Glowing with joy and pride.

When I peep inside my heart

When I sink into my thoughts

I find the real me.

When I try to hide

The sun shines on me bright.

Me is more than the me you see

Or what you think of me.

Let me be me only me.



Meaning of ME


This poem was published in the English magazine “Indology”

Dearer to me  than my  silk or denim

Fits  me warm with a delightful look

Than I wear in red , green or rare  shades

Words that drip from my pen , the meaning of me.


World that glitters, my jewels precious

Stones that shine , pearls so pure

Defines me not but , the lines I spill on paper

Suits me  as beads and bangles.


Nothing is more lovely than my curls

Breeze tosses them on my face, black and soft

My smile cannot be covered by my locks

As my poems express each emotion I feel.


So much more I want to say, my  verses

Reflect my heart,  my thought , what I am.


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