Lullabies and sobs

Where angels fear

Their wings to spread

More broken glass

They gently step, toes bleed

Blossoms dare not

Throw open their petals

Lest they surround

Cursed arid graveyards

Not a drop of love left

Dead lies

Culture of a civilization

Relics of a history valiant.

Quiet lay the infants

Cradles rock in rhythm

With each blast in town

Gunshots, familiar lullaby.

Unseen blue sky

Veiled rainbows

Behind black clouds

Stars rimmed with wet black

Never twinkled in dreams.

Where only weapons had voice

Mothers were hushed sobs

2 Replies to “Lullabies and sobs”

  1. On Afghanistan crisis!
    great that you react through your poems
    add some pictures by your sister and publish in the next book

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