How much is too much?

Mountains made to give way

For speeding cars and magnetic railway

Need a tunnel and the parking bay

They have better life standards and pay.

Tall buildings, other manmade wonders

Climate changes; many species’ murder!

Rivers were stopped by force

with dams; diverted from their course

Water trickled along like a lame horse

Into towns, their taps leaking or worse.

Better services everyday

A world of comfort they say!

Hills which once had sheltered villages

Now beheaded to aid smooth passage

Of aircrafts that land with men and baggage

Needs; not luxuries of modern age.

How much is too much

That erases world’s diversity as such?

Over the green fields that once were

Moved a shopping mall there

Exclusive stores, multiplexes and more

Food courts and wide game areas to score.

Development, more jobs

Nature’s unheard sobs!

Onto the shore the waves crash

With all their might and wipe off trash.

Corals and fish choke and perish

Glaciers melt, life’s mysteries vanish.

Disasters on earth, new viruses challenge

The wait is over,  nature unleashes its revenge!

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