How long..

How many hours more for the Sun to go down

under the expanse of the  roaring sea

pulling over it the thickness of night?

How many hours left as the moonlight polishes

everything clear and  bright

to tell the world  it is perfect?

How many hours remain

before this day passes off into history?

It takes with it memories hard and

opens  slowly the blossoms  scented.

How much time will it take

by which the morning rays befall on earth

turning warm the moist blades of grass?

How long to wait

To hear the bell ring and

my name being called

for the act that is  to begin on the wide stage

set under the white clouds.

The scene I do not know

estranged from the plot as the curtain rises

cannot morph myself into the role.

My red gown missing

gleaning my costumes from the wall

they cover not my inner self

dare not hide the real me

unable to slip into the character of  another human

far away from my rituals.

How many more moments to spend

searching the strings that have tied me here

and  cut them off.

Let the lights glow!

To my wish , set me free.


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