Finding Happiness 

Finding ones happiness is only by doing the things you like, that is real happiness. I write poems and stories and feel satisfied happy.

How do plants find happiness?

When the rain drops tickle their leaves and touch their hard outer tissues and soak their roots that are buried only to spread life on earth plants feel happy.
They bloom and dance with the breeze
say sweet tales to the butterflies
laugh aloud with every wind that caress their buds
they sing softly with birds
glow in the sunshine.

Only we humans, our actions make them sad. We choked them, stole their water.
We threw them out of their lands and killed their friends.
We can be happy only when plants are happy.

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How do animals find happiness?

Many animals do mostly live in groups which make them strong and confident. They share ,care, love and fight each other. Animals rescue their friends who fall in trouble, care for young ones who may not be their own.

Animals have their own laws to keep themselves and their habitat safe. These laws are unwritten but strictly honoured by the animal kingdom. This is a trait that we humans lost may be in the process of evolution.

Our urban culture leaves us with less time and concern for animals.Only animals want to share anything other than Facebook posts-ways to be happy with love and care.

“Strength of the pack is the wolf.

Strength of the wolf is the pack”-Jungle book

 photo by Mrs.Jessy Jacob  (Tanzania)
How   do humans find happiness?
We humans are strange. We  become happy at different  times by different reasons. All simple ways of finding happiness begins with love. Sharing caring, helping, even sacrificing one’s everything , fills you with joy.
       No other creature will find happiness in whining out jealousy through harm on members of its own kind. Do any other creatures enjoy hating  each other ? Their conflicts are only for having the resources they need to survive.
    We are slaves of our ego.That makes us intolerant. That closes all doors of happiness.
  Smile and the world smiles back  to you!
drawing by Shreya  Susan Zacharia

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