our animal friends

many    animals are      kept in      zoos for people to see. it is really both cruel and causing indignation to put the animals in cages or enclocsures. they should be allowed freedom to live  in their natural habitat. people can visit wildlife sanctuaries and national parks to see the wild species .  it should include         facilities to study or care for animls  nothing can save  animals from cages. a  lion who was born to be the king of the forest should not suffer like a  prisoner . dilate your  thoughts and views to respect world of animals. A few people believe that those who cannot talk have no feelings. every creature loves to be with friends   and family.they are not just for other’s fun. our rough emotions should not perish on poor animals.

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  1. Hi Sherin, First of all my apologies for not writing earlier. Must confess the fact that iam not tech savy. Let me congragulate you on your opinion, love for animals and writing skills. My daughter read it and said just a wow which summarises everything.

    How is your little sis. My love and regards to mom and dad. I would love to meet you to hear that goodmorning wish from you and many more. Looking forward to meeting you. Hugs, Shirly aunty ? mam?

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