does reading create a better person

my      temptation               to     dart  comments at     the society        is due to the ideas I have  saved          in my thoughts after reading books and       news papers.  it helps me to understand  the           situation people face. utter neglect of hapless people    by the powerful hurts me. people who have no food or houses           spend their   lives in misery. people                   always ignore those      who have fallen in the battle  of     life.

taste of   life is sweet. filled with your dreams of road to success. reading provides information          on        various      opens our eyes                                                        into the selfish world. the  hope to win comes from reading.we begin to discover our inner  power.our pogress in life is always understood by what  we read.     a person who     reads   will   always succeed      in      life. all people should read.then lots of problems   can be solved. sure the world will     be better.


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  1. Reading makes you to understand that ” its better to bite your tongue than to make a biting remark”

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