My world has slowed down

the globe rotates gently,  to keep on

clouds float in the sky  aimless

Sun never forgets to rise, sleepless

every news warns to stay inside and wash

each nation fights ,towns shrouded in anguish

people flee helpless  to be in their own place

covid19  has left roads deserted with no  trace

doctors and nurses work day and night

summaries flash as ministers take steps tight

police on the streets , march in long lines

for violators in town there are  the fines

there was a man who sold  hot peanuts

now not seen  his cart in front of  youth hangouts

I look out through my window

on the tree I see parrots and a sparrow

the birds are happy , the air is fresh

some people gone jobless , some no longer rush

these days no weekend wanderings

much joy with grandma’s online recipes simmering

when will the world free itself from the pandemic

may the day come soon with good work of many a medic.