Our brave soldiers

Our India is a vast country

There are many people living   without peace of mind.

So many  have  no roof  above  the head.

Sisters and mothers searching  for daily food.


Everyday is not   sunny

Floodwaters inside the house  rise steadily.

You  sleep sound

For  there is someone on your guard.


Very happy are we, secure

In   our family’s care

There is  no nightmare

That makes us fear.


Surrounds the nation mighty

With lives set for duty

Snow and rain are no matter

Desert winds  do not bother


Peace in the ground of In

No  power can make her  their servile

For the brave soldiers defend the area

Even  if attacks seem to challenge.


Dawn to dusk  , shells explode

Tact   by the enemy who try to invade.

The soldier’s   house in the village

Prays- not he be a   hostage.


For the nation he gives his life

Proud about him in their grief

The soldier will be forgotten with news

But  his blood ; is everyday sun rise.