young people get too little chance

young people     get     too little chance  to speak to  public what you think of the world.  doers of wrong go around  but   you do not go around the          world to enjoy      life. go to help     the poor and needy. to wash  your mistakes you form into a servant of the helplless.vent your energy in making    a wonderful world.everybody    needs  to       organise their lives    into  more useful ones be     good       rest of the world will     understand            you.       the young people                      embody energy they  should spend it for  those who cannot stand up for   themselves. i plan to write about  these issues.

Military for peace

We think that armed forces are for protecting our nation from enemies. They help the citizens affected by natural calamities like flood , avalanche etc. only those with a strong mind and strong body can rise to the need of the occasion.
When disaster strikes on a large scale, we call the military for rescuing the affected people. Superman will not be able to do such actions. The armed forces are trained to build roads and bridges in the worst affected regions. This will help transporting people and supplies.
The will power and must do it attitude of those people make them the first choice for rescue operations not only in India but also worldwide. They have to face many dangers like landslides cyclones etc.. Still they risk their lives to save that of others.
Still we hardly ever remember their sacrifices. We always remember people who entertain us but soon forget those who had helped us during difficult times. We need to salute our brave heroes .